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2014 progression by AnnaLuminara 2014 progression by AnnaLuminara
So yeah. I'm mostly doing this for myself, so I can look back and laugh. There is some serious crap in here. This year will forever be my year of artblocks, complete frustration and absolutely no direction. I've spent so so many hours drawing, I can barely count, and even though I've gotten even worse at completing stuff, I can feel that I've got more of a grasp now. I still have no method, though.

There are a few milestones here. A lot of this has never been shown here on dA before. Of the ones I have, I even think I deleted one of them. Around june I just stopped posting things here out of frustration, and around september I was ready to burn my tablet because I hated it so much. It took a good few months of strictly drawing traditionally to get me back on track. I'm better now, and my tablet and I are fine again. We've agreed to give each other more space. Photoshop has been a lot of fun lately - a program I swore I'd never touch again, a few months ago. Guess perserverance conquers all.

Original here! 2014 SUMMARY OF ART MEME - TEMPLATE  
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January 1, 2015
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