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Looking back, to celebrate Elan! by AnnaLuminara Looking back, to celebrate Elan! by AnnaLuminara
So, Élan is out, the long awaited new song of everybody's favorite finnish superstar-, finnish-tabloid-darling-, now-super-group- band, Nightwish. I am thinking of doing something actual for the album release, but since I'm short on time (thanks university), I decided to do a compilation of some of my old, and a single newer, Tuomas pencil sketches. Yes. I am a Tuomas fangirl, always has been, always will be. I am sorry for the quality, my sketchbook does not fit into my scanner, so it was a phone-camera job.
I am happy to see, that my hand has become a lot steadier in the 10 months in between. I also seem to have developed more of an understanding, of how a face functions. The proportions do suck on all of them, though. :| (Blank Stare) I am sincerely sorry, I'll make up for it.

So, what do I think of Élan? Well, the first time I heard it, I was like "meh", this is kinda dull. Then I re-listened, because one of my friends posted it to facebook, being all up in arms, and I thought it was kinda catchy. Then the third time rolled around, and I was singing along while doing Simone Simons -hands. I am on my tenth in-a-row listening now, for the record. (Puns are good, even when unintended.)

Here the darling is:…

My only complaint is, that I just got hooked on Wintersun, and has realized, that Nightwish, like another black hole, probably has swallowed Kai Hahto too. Come back Jukka, I need that third Wintersun-album before 2020!
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February 13, 2015
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